EDW – A Couch in New York

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EDW – A Couch in New York
Freitag | 6. April 2018 | 20:15 Uhr

The English Drama Workshop Göttingen presents

A Couch in New York

Based on the film by Chantal Akerman
German stage version by Gerda Poschmann-Reichenau
Translated into English by Karin Reilly
Directed by Karin Reilly

When a burned-out psychoanalyst in New York and a quirky Parisian dancer anonymously swap apartments, they unexpectedly become involved in each other’s lives.

Based on the 1996 film with Willam Hurt and Juliette Binoche, the English Drama Workshop is smitten by the unusual characters and their odd circumstances. With a touch of Chantal Akerman’s experimental observation of meticulous details, this stage version of this romantic-comedy invites the audience to look closely, listen hard, laugh out loud and fall in love.

Karin Reilly, originally from New York, directs her fourth production in the ThOP.

The cast: Daniella Wood, Henning Bakker, Mark Tsiolis, Kristina Schmidt, Hassan Shoaei, Philip Ehlert, Shahin Asmari, Lucas Kade, Clemens Ibrom, Richard Varela, Lisa Tyroller, Tobias Wojcik, Cara Jestes

Premiere on 23 March 2018
Further performances: 24.03. / 27.03. / 29.03. / 02.04. / 05.04. / 06.04. / 07.04. / 12.04. / 13.04. / 14.04.

Kulturticket accepted on 27.03 / 29.03. / 02.04.

Couch cartoon by Orthey Stoll.

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