Mammoth Mammoth Live im dots präsentiert Euch das Vinyl Reservat

Mammoth Mammoth Live im dots präsentiert Euch das Vinyl Reservat
Sonntag | 2. Dezember 2018 | 20:27 Uhr

SOUND OF LIBERATION (Die Konzertagentur arbeitet mit Bands wie Brant Bjork, Colour Haze, My Sleeping Karma oder Samsara Blues Experiment) bringt die Australier MAMMOTH MAMMOTH auf Tour. Und wir bringen Sie Euch zusammen ins dots, bevor sie dann auf dem Freak Valley X-Mas Festival spielen werden. WOW. Riesen Dank an SOL and das dots!

Das wird krachen zum Advent! Mensch hab ich Bock drauf 😉
Seid pünktlich da… es geht nicht so spät los….

VVK nur im Vinyl-Reservat. 12-15€. Begrenzte Kartenanzahl.

MAMMOTH MAMMOTH are a heavy rock band from Melbourne Australia that smash the shit out of their stoner, glam, doom, punk and psychedelic rock influences. Their first EP was released prior to any live shows proved popular in Europe and Australia with several tracks licensed to commercials and the feature film, „The Loved Ones“. Their first video clip was immediately banned. It used 1970s European pornography and was pulled from youtube, myspace and facebook – but not before it had over 1 million views and probably as many complaints.

On the release of their third album, they we’re signed by European label Napalm Records who further released it worldwide to excellent reviews in November 2012. In 2013 the band toured Europe and played sold out shows through Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and the UK. 2014 saw the band undertake an Australian tour with Kyuss’s John Garcia whilst spending time in the Black Spur Forest writing and recording their 4th album, „Volume IV Hammered Again“. They exploded back out on March 27th 2015 with this brand new album of beer drinkin‘, bong rippin‘, nang huffin‘ face-melters… A naked, pot-smoking beauty on the cover and song titles like ‘Hammered again’ or ‘High as a kite’ – MAMMOTH MAMMOTH definitely won`t turn a good party down!

But that was 2 years ago… In this early 2017, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH emerge from the studio with a new album locked, loaded and ready to fire! Again, the recording was not without the usual disturbances that plague this foursome. Yes the police came (and not to jam a few tunes). Yes, there was a chemical fire. And yes, a little voodoo was practised. And okay, the bass player did barely survive a motorcycle crash juste before the final tracking. But nothing short of Armageddon was gonna stop MAMMOTH MAMMOTH from getting this job done.