Monkey3 präsentiert das vinyl reservat im dots

Monkey3 präsentiert das vinyl reservat im dots
Mittwoch | 1. April 2020 | 20:00 Uhr

Ich freue mich eine der größten Bands für mich nach Göttingen zu holen: It is MONKEY3!!!!
Schon vor einigen Jahren dürften wir sie im Stilbruch hören, wow war das ein Konzert. Und nun kommen sie in den dots Keller. eine solch große Band in einem kleinen intimen Keller Konzert zu erleben ist was besonderes.

VVK nur hier im Reservat, Karte kostet 15€ – nicht verhandelbar.
Er geht jetzt los! Holt Euch die Karten vorher, es wird an der AK denke ich keine Karten mehr geben…

Hier Promo Text zum letzten Album:

Heavy Psych-Rock from Outer Space

Your Mind-Blowing Trip to the Universe

Instrumental rockers MONKEY3 have buckled up for their next interstellar journey. After the success of the 2016 album Astra Symmetry, the Swiss four piece continues its cosmic journey of space rock, psychedelic, stoner and progressive on their 6th full length studio album Sphere.

MONKEY3 describes the new album:

“Spiraling out of a majestic landscape & its untamed environment, „Sphere“ stands for an abstract interpretation of nature’s phenomenons, their geometric patterns, and colorful elements.
The backbone of Monkey3’s new album is a solid axis around which revolves a multitude of distinct atmospheres – like a wild journey along a winding road – sometimes brutal, sometimes sublime. Here the instrumental roots of the band refract in a prismatic soundscape where each musical beam finds its own space; and yet at the same time they all come together to weave a massive wall of sound. Moreover a feminine & graceful touch enhances the overall artwork, allowing the audience to travel through a wide panel – from the depths of Death Valley to the magnitude of Mount Ida – like a cosmic trip through a meditative canal. And whatever this opus might be, „Sphere“ could be reminiscent of an ellipsis in which one omits part of what is being said in order for the listener to fill in the blanks with one’s own imagination, and make it its own.”

Was heute noch los ist...